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I just started riding/leasing Bailey in the year of 2008. She is a 16 year old QH/Thoroughbred mix mare. A wonderful show horse and jumper, Bailey and I did good this show season! However, it did take some work for us to get there. She can be stubborn at times, but I after I earned her respect we began to do well together! You may see us used as site models throughout the site.


Otto, an 18hh(+) Oldenburg Gelding in his 20's, is the best horse I have ever ridden, showed, and built a friendship with. We showed together for four seasons and have an amazing bond. Even though Otto is not the most versatile horse, and could only compepte in english style classes, I still enjoyed showing him the most because of his gentle personality. When my trainer first bought Otto, he was terribly underweight. Still today we struggle to keep his weight on, he has his ups and downs. Currently he cannot be ridden or shown due to the condition of his ringbone. You may see us used as site models throughout the site!

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